System Built For
Modern Commerce

"Rasbree is built by online sellers who needed a solution to manage the complexities and growing pains of running a digital retail business"

We are passionate about reducing costs

With thousands of orders passing through daily, it requires a robust system that manages multiple e-commerce connections that don't slow you down. With inbuilt automation technology, you will do more with less while dramatically reducing costs for running your retail business and open up new opportunities to sell more.

Grow Fearlessly

With commerce changing ever so rapidly, your customers are now shopping from multiple channels and you need to be where your customers are. With your first day with Rasbree, we’ll be your dedicated tech partners making sure you are up and running in no time.

Why us?

We were our own first customers who needed a robust system that manages the complexities of running an ecommerce business especially when COD is involved. We have been picking, packing, shipping in the warehouse and have been burdened continuously by the errors and manual processes. We have experienced the pains of running a online retail business and that is exactly why we knew what we required to fix them. Not able to find a solution robust enough to help us through the complexities, we decided to build Rasbree- an operating system built for retail.

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