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With Rasbree’s automation, save your self from manual aspects of fulfilling orders, including dropshipping, partial fulfillment, multi-location fulfillment, warehouse transfers, invoicing and more. You’ll be able to pick, pack and ship more products in less time with 99% fewer errors.

Real-time Insight

With real-time insight, get updates on what’s ready to pick, pack and ship. Once shipped always be in sync with what’s happening at the couriers end with real time updates on whats in transit, out for delivery, has delivery issues or delays. Rasbree’s fulfillment system will make sure your customers receive shipments in time.


Select your orders and generate your picking list and let the warehouse system assist you in getting inventory into boxes with information for your packer to pack and then transfer it to the packing station.


Packing is where you're one step away from the shipping label. With barcoding enabled you will be  packing with 100% accuracy, by avoiding packing the wrong products or adding less quantity than ordered.


This is the final step before your order leaves the warehouse. Select any courier you are linked with and in one click generate a shipping label customized to your preference.

Channel-specific shipping

With different sale channels arise changes in packing or courier requirements. Create channel-specific templates for packing and assign different shipping settings for international orders.

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