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All the inventory management tools a fast growing business needs to grow fearlessly.

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Tracking on the go

Keep accurate track of your Inventory movements with settings such as FEFO, FIFO or Lot tracking. Always be updated on incoming stock, low stock, returns, damaged or expired products. Create product bundles, manage drop shipping and much more.

Multi Channel Management

Are you a multichannel merchant? Rasbree provides all in one system to manage inventory on different sales channels. Map your inventory to your selected channels and always keep accurate inventory synced. Have real time visibility of your inventory so your sale channels are optimized for growth.

Efficient reordering process

With real-time insights see which products need to be reordered, and have auto purchase generated for low stock, pre orders or drop-shipping orders if required. Create and receive purchase orders in one click and save hours every month.

Product performance

Spot your fast moving or slow moving products based on data such as order volume, performance by pricing, revenue, profitability, margin or repeat purchase. Combine data from all your sales channels and make your next strategic move.

Barcode scanning made easy

With many touch points for you inventory, it needs to be organized when shipping, transferring between locations, receiving returns or writing off damaged products. With barcoding all your inventory movements get automatically updated.

Financial Insights

Discover detailed financial intelligence around SKU performance by integrating your accounting with your inventory. Always be updated with actual COGS, tax and landed cost reporting throughout the financial year.

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