A retail focused CRM that helps you get closer to your customer than ever before.

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Retail focused CRM

Know your customers

Create customer profiles including their contact details, order history, habits and interactions with your business – so you can know you customer and provide personalized experiences. Also keep those customers in automatic check who have high returns ratio or refuse deliveries so you may improve your return ratio.

Build meaningful relationships

With customers coming from different channels its important to segment your online customers from your business wholesale customers and other bulk buyers. Build meaningful relationships with your wholesale clients and from their buying history assign or manage their credits.

Customer timeline

With one click, see a complete history of your customers’ interactions with you in an easy to understand timeline with a range of filters.

Customer contact history

Easily view a full record of emails, sms, whatsapp messages between you and your customers and suppliers, alongside order, shipping or other customer updates in a simple timeline.

With Rasbree know you customers
better than before

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