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A more efficient way of managing your Purchasing and suppliers. Be in control of your buying and keep growing.

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Purchasing system
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Automatically create POs

For the inventory that matters always be in stock so you don't lose your sales. See customer purchasing trends or seasonal trends and auto generate POs for your suppliers. Our system will give you re-order suggestions from your sales history which will keep on updating if sales go up or down.

Know your suppliers

Manage all your suppliers from one system. Easily keep track of all activities linked with each supplier –  pending, in transit, delivered or partially delivered purchase orders. Set  delivery times for supplier's goods so your customers know when to expect their desired products..

Manage Payables

See a complete dashboard of your supplier contact records, from emails, margins, order history, allocated locations and notes, so you can stay on top of when orders and payments are due.

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See how Rasbree can improve your purchasing efficiency and sell more

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