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Tailored to e-commerce and retail

Build your business around the metrics that matter most to you – including customer lifetime value, average order value, profit margin and more. Run performance reports by sales channels, products, customers, advertising platforms and marketing campaigns.

Accurate demand forecasting

Get an intuitive and accurate overview of your best-sellers, slow-moving products, available stock and items that need to be urgently re-stocked. Replenish your inventory based on data-driven demand forecasting, factoring in seasonality, upcoming promotions and other metrics that matter to you.

Spend your budget wisely

Acquiring new customers is increasingly expensive, so it’s critical to understand which ad platforms and marketing campaigns work best for you. Rasbree Analytics gives you full insights on your advertising campaigns across platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Google, as well as email – so you can spend your marketing budget wisely and continue capturing new customers.

Seamless data syncs

When it comes to reporting, accuracy is everything.  Rasbree’s high-performance Plug & Play integrations and fast API means – data from all your sales channels, warehouses, 3PL, ad platforms, marketing tools and more is seamlessly synced in one place, avoiding any delays and enabling faster decision making.

Insights for your whole team

There’s no user limit on Rasbree – which means every single one of your staff (depending on the permissions you set) can access a single source of truth for all operations.  From the warehouse team to finance, customer support, sales, and marketing – everyone can get  relevant reports to support decision making.

Celebrate your VIPs

Rasbree’s intelligent dashboards provide meaningful metrics on your customers, including revenue, margin, average order value, number of purchases, customer lifetime value and abandoned cart amount. It makes it easy to identify who you VIPs are, and offer a tailored shopping experience.

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