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Free yourself of complexities by tracking sales, inventory levels, and order fulfillment through efficient and cost-effective processes.

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Simplified yet advanced
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Faster Shipping

With Rasbree, Ship orders faster than 60%. Easily confirm orders by sms, WhatsApp or auto calls. Be alerted when there’s a high value, suspicious or VIP order that needs urgent attention. Auto assign couriers by city, shipping cost or courier performance.

Order agility

With COD many changes can arise on customer’s request once order is placed. From payment hold to different shipping date, or assigning multiple order statuses, Rasbree has all the tools to customize order changes in real-time and minimize human errors.

Expert support

If you have multiple sales channel and want to give the best shopping experience, you need all your tech stack to be in one place. Our experts at Rasbree will ensure everything from your sales channels, payment tools, accounting and shipping providers are seamlessly connected and optimised for your growth.

Better intelligence

With Rasbree Analytics, get performance insights on your sales channels, products and your customers based on important KPIs such as revenue, order profitability, average order value and customer lifetime value. With real-time analytics synced with your ad campaigns make data-driven decisions about how to spend your budget.

Improve order control

When your order volume increases, stay safe from chaos. Easily manage Pre-orders, partial orders, backorders, drop-shipping, red flagged orders or merge multiple orders given by the same customers and save time and costs.

Avoid order mistakes

A lot can happen in one minute: a new order, a return, order cancellation, change of product or adding a discount. Manage everything under one control system with Rasbree. Don’t let order activity get unnoticed and deliver a great customer experience everywhere.

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